Brown Sheep WAVERLY Wool Needlepoint Yarn 8 yards or 162 yards – 100% Persian Wool Yarn.  Made in the USA




Brown Sheep WAVERLY Wool Needlepoint Yarn 8 yards or 162 yards – Made in the USA

Uniformity purchase enough yarn to complete your project.

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PRODUCT INFORMATION: Brown Sheep WAVERLY Wool Needlepoint Wool in Yarn 8 yards or 162 yards.

This yarn is used for Needlepoint, Embroidery, Crewel Embroidery and Cross Stitch.
1. 100% Wool Persian Wool Yarn

     a.  The plies on this yarn separated to cover the different sizes of canvas. One strand of the three ply yarn will nicely cover a 13 count canvas.  
     b. This is a 2 x 3 ply Needle point yarn that can be separated to cover many canvas counts:
         1 ply cover   13 count
         2 ply covers 10 count
         3 ply cover     7 count

Although this product is designed expressly for needlepoint, it is also a wonderful for Knitting, Crochet Felting and Duplicate Stitching.

KNITTING Information for Brown Sheep WAVERLY Wool Needlepoint Yarn 162 yards:
 a. 6 ply
 b. Bulky Weight or Weight Scale 5
 c. Knitting Needle size: 10.5 or 6.5mm equaling 3 stitches per inch.

 Washing Instruction: Hand wash, cold water.

Please note, these colors are grouped into families to show the subtle ranges available and sold per color. Due to varied monitor settings I cannot guarantee the accuracy of these colors.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Waverly 8 Yards or 162 yards

8_YDS_4021, 8_YDS_4022, 8_YDS_4023, 8_YDS_4024, 8_YDS_4025, 8_YDS_4026, 8_YDS_4027, 8_YDS_4028, 162_YDS_4021, 162_YDS_4022, 162_YDS_4023, 162_YDS_4024, 162_YDS_4025, 162_YDS_4026, 162_YDS_4027, 162_YDS_4028


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