I strive to get your order shipped out as quickly as possible, when ordering through Cart Priority Mail. 

Choice of Shipping and Payment;
1.  Website SHOPPING CART Priority cost, this is given with the order when you put the your zip code in. Order $50.00 plus product,  automatically receive Free USA Priority Mail Shipping.
Secure E-MAIL INVOICE to make your payment;
2.  Small Orders – USA only – Optional FIRST CLASS MAIL – cost range from $3.50 – $5.50 packages weight up to 15 ounces including the product and packing material, insurance is extra. USPS First Class orders shipped out once a week.

3.  PRIORITY MAIL or EXPRESS MAIL depends on your Zip code and the weight of your order.
4.  INTERNATIONAL ORDERS FIRST CLASS, Priority or EXPRESS MAIL.  You will receive in secure E-MAIL INVOICE to make your payment.  International orders you are responsible for any taxes or tariffs.

      • HOW To request a secure E-mail INVOICE from my Shop;
        Phone 307-760-2092 or
        E-mail the following information with your;

        Billing and Shipping information – name – address – phone – E-Mail address.
        2.  Item(s) and How many of each Item.
        Request Insurance or no insurance.
        4. You will receive a Secure E-mail Invoice to be completed with a Credit, Debit Card or PayPal account.
        5. When your Secure E-mail Invoice is completed and sent, you will be notified that your payment has been approved, and your order will be sent out after approval.

When USPS indicates that your merchandise has been delivered, the risk of lost is passes to you. Without insurance the responsibility of lose becomes yours, when your order leaves my shop.

[ “available on Backorder” “Back Orders” shipped from warehouse]
1. Brown Sheep Product are Drop Shipped from NE Warehouse in 1 to 14 working days M-F.
2. Other warehouse product 1 to 14 working day M-F shipping time.
3. An Actual Back Order, you will be notified and given the choice to Wait or Cancel.
4. Yarn colors are normally sent with matching color lots, unless you select two different color lots from my website.


Website Shopping Cart Checkout – Shipping time, next business day Mon. – Fri., Exceptions depends on Drop Ship backorder/warehouse orders, NON-USPS Carrier PICKUP or USPS not processing the package that day, Holidays, Weekends, Bad Weather, Power Outage or any on-for-seen Emergency.